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Club Repair

From re-gripping to shaft replacement, we are here to help. Extensive club repair service is available at our store where we stock a large selection of the latest grips and shafts from Iomic, Winn, Golf Pride & True Temper and many more top brands.


Grip changes can be made in an instant with a full set of clubs taking less than an hour to re-grip. We only use industry specific supplies like Brampton HF-100 grip solvent that is non-toxic, non-inflammable, odourless and designed specifically for this purpose. The use of top-grade materials complemented by our vast inventory of  Iomic, Winn and Golf Pride grips makes us the best re-gripping facility in the country.


Be it replacing a broken shaft or a performance upgrade, our vast inventory of shafts from True Temper, Grafalloy, Aldila and UST Mamiya enables us to make shaft changes in an instant with our best in the industry Mitchell Pro Shaft Puller.

As with all of our services, our imported materials like epoxy, shims, glass beads, etc enable us to shaft/re-shaft a whole set of clubs in 24 hours. We also provide a 2 hour re-shaft service at a 50% upcharge.

Using an improper shaft will affect your game. At Pin High PFC we have frequency analysis equipment to determine if your shaft is too stiff or too soft and modify the shaft to suit your specific height and swing.