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Custom Fitting


We Follow a Simple yet Scientific Approach to Custom Fitting

With the use of a State of the Art Flightscope Launch Monitor and Mitchell fitting equipment, we are able to analyse your current set of clubs and advise you if you are using the right set of clubs or not.



    We measure key parameters on your current clubs such as flex, length, lie, loft, weight, swing weight, grip size, using Mitchell equipment.

  • 02 ASSESS

    We analyse the match between the specifications of your current clubs with key characteristics such as swing speed, launch, spin, carry, etc using a state of the art Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor.


    We then either recommend changes to the current clubs if they can be tweaked or recommend new clubs that will better suit the golfer.

  • 04 QUOTE

    With a wide variety of brands, products and services to offer, we are able to quote best in the market prices, be it for service, repair or new product.

  • 05 EXECUTE

    We then build, repair or service your clubs to the exact specifications recommended by our Mitchell certified club fitting and service expert and ensure that they turn out just the way you want them.



Playing the right shaft; be it Steel or Graphite, is the first of the three critical factors of custom fitting. Using our state of the art Flightscope Launch Monitor, we are able custom fit golfers for the right kind of shaft based on their swing speed and other important correlated factors. Matching the right shaft to the right type of club head based on playing ability enhances the fitting process and the results are almost immediate to see.



Playing the right length of golf clubs forms the second of the three critical factors of custom fitting. With the use of custom built extensions from True Temper and Golfworks, our experienced technicians can reduce or increase the length of the clubs based on the golfer’s height and posture. Again, with the advantage of using purpose specific material, we are able to adjust the length of a club or a full set of clubs in less than an hour or 24 hours respectively.



Lie and Loft angles is the third of the three critical factors of custom fitting. With our best in the industry Mitchell Signature Lie/Loft Angle Machine, we are able to adjust lie/loft angles to suit each individual’s height and posture. Our quick turnaround time of 1 hour to adjust lie/loft angles will enable you to put your favourite clubs back into play almost instantly with better results.