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Evnroll is one of the most sought-after putter range’s in the world, eradicating miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot to create “The Sweetest Face In Golf” and helping mitigate the results of off-centre putts. The Evnroll ER5V Black Short Slant Hatchback Mallet Putter is generally the perfect choice for the golfer with a full arcing putting stroke and gives 30 degrees of toe hang. The popular short slant hosel neck promotes a more rotational swing path that releases through the hitting area. A hosel pin that fits inside the shaft, allowing it to flow seamlessly into the head of the putter. This is a preferred look by better players. The black armour stepless shaft is also fantastic to look at and adds to the premium quality. V stands for versatility.

The ER5V black short slant Hatchback Mallet putter is premium quality and is constructed using only the very finest materials. The head material is CNC milled 303 stainless steel with a gorgeous black armour finish. Evnroll are the only putters on the market that incorporate built-in gearing technology to navigate the ball back onto the intended line with a slight toe/heel miss-hit. “The Sweetest Face In Golf” eradicates miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot across the entire face. Evnroll patented grooves help the putter maintain perfect distance control, which we all know is the key ingredient to two-putting from longer distances. A series of variable width grooves that are wider in the middle and narrower toward the heel and toe, precisely calibrated inward V-shape from both the heel and toe to redirect the ball down the target line. A single white line on the back flange of the putter is all that is needed for quick and precise aiming. Evnroll putters have won a whole host of accolades and awards, see for yourself today what this incredibly forgiving putter can do for your game on the greens. Every putter on the market has a sweet spot, only Evnroll putters have a sweet face!

  • Outstanding consistency on all putts.
  • Compact hatchback mallet shaping.
  • Short slant hosel (for full arc strokes)
  • 30-degree toe hang. High stability.
  • Award-winning SweetFace technology.
  • CNC milled in Carlsbad, California.
  • Premium black armour finish.
  • 303 Stainless steel head.
  • Tour-preferred swing weights at each length.
  • Grip: Evnroll black ToutTac grip (90-grams)or Evnroll black Gravity grip.
  • Black armour stepless shaft. (.370 tip)
  • Stunning red & white artwork.
  • 33/34/35 inch options.
  • Right hand only.
  • Premium leather headcover included.


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